Ammoväska+K-Pist+M45+Carl+Gustav+Sverige Ammoväska+K-Pist+M45+Carl+Gustav+Sverige Ammoväska K-Pist M45 Carl Gustav Sverige Ammoväska K-Pist M45 Carl Gustav Sverige
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Ammoväska K-Pist M45 Carl Gustav Sverige

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Ammoväska K-Pist M45 Carl Gustav Sverige

Äkta kronmärkt original.

Komplett med lilla hållaren för mörkersiktet på sidan.

RARE: complete with night-vision/ sight leatherpouch on the side.

Battle worn/ Soldier issued!

"During the Vietnam War, the US Navy SEALs used the Carl Gustav m/45 SMG extensively. One of the guns qualities, which appealed to the Navy was that the m/45 can fire almost immediately out of the water (over the beach). It also saw use by CIA operatives and advisers. In US service it was largely known as the "Swedish-K" or "K-Rifle". The US Navy was so impressed by the m/45 that when Sweden embargoed the export of weapons to the USA in 1966, Smith & Wesson was given the task of producing a copy. This was designated the Smith & Wesson M76. However, by the time when the M76 was ready for combat deployment, the US Navy had ended most SEAL missions in Asia."