Somalia FN Medalj UNOSOM

Somalia FN Medalj UNOSOM Äkta FN medalj. Fullsize och unissued! United Nations Medal UNOSOM. [ Somalia ] Established on 24th April 1992..Mission to monitor the 2 main factions in Mogadishu's cease - fire, with 50 unarmed uniformed U.N . military observers to be deployed along the demarcation line separating Mogadishu into 2 zones. On the 28th August a further 775 authorised personnel were sent to increase the strength of the UNOSOM supervising the distribution of humanitarian aid, the Port of Mogadishu & provide security at Mogadishu airport. Further on the 9th December 1992 the 1st Unified Task force spearheaded by the United States of America were deployed in Mogadishu..

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