Keps Vegetato camo Italien Keps Vegetato camo Spetsnaz Italien
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Keps Vegetato camo Spetsnaz Italien

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Keps Vegetato camo Spetsnaz Italien


Högsta tänkbara kvalitet.

One-size-fits-all, ställbar med metallspänne bak.

"The current Russian concept of “non-linear warfare” does not involve seizing territory with large, organized armies, but begins broadly with the use of political, economic, and propaganda measures. Coordinated with incitement of the target population, it is followed by military strokes of a semi-concealed nature, in which local “militias” and Russian special-operations forces in non-Russian uniforms appear, quietly and effectively taking over roads, airports, and government offices. In the recent upheavals in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, Russian backed separatist rebels and Spetsnaz troops have worn masks and uniforms with no identifying national markings, providing Moscow with deniability. These uniforms include both Russian and foreign camouflage patterns to deepen the confusion of both the opposition and outside Western observers."