Armband+Paracord+Bracelet+Coyote+Plastlås Armband+Paracord+Bracelet+Coyote+Plastlås Armband+Paracord+Bracelet+Coyote+USMC
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Armband Paracord Bracelet Coyote Plastlås

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Armband Paracord Bracelet Coyote Plastlås

Fallskärmslina, tvinnad som ett armband- kan transformeras till ett extremt kraftigt rep i nödsituationer.

OBS att dessa kan användas runt bärremmen i en sele, på ryggsäcken eller runt ett bälte med- inte bara runt handleden!!!

Small = Handledsomfång max. 17cm
Längd utdragen: 225 cm

Medium = Handledsomfång max. 20cm
Längd utdragen: 265cm

Large = Handledsomfång max. 23cm
Längd utdragen: 270cm

X-Large = Handledsomfång max. 26cm
Längd utdragen: 275cm

100% Polyester
22mm tjock lina.

"Within some military units, it is a tradition to make what is known as a "combat bracelet" using paracord from a soldier's trouser ties and a button from their uniform. Each soldier makes one for the next so each one has a bracelet made by someone else. These are then worn on the mission by each soldier and only taken off when the whole unit returns.

Originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II, it has grown in popularity and expanded into the civilian marketplace, also known as Para cord or 550 cord it is extremely versatile for many situations; from tying components into a survival vest, fashioning shelters or removing the inner cords to make fishing line or sew torn clothing; the list goes on and on. What better way to carry this valuable survival item than on your body, why pack it out of sight, when you can have it available at a moment's notice."