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Purple Heart Medalj

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Purple Heart Medalj

Full size!

Made in USA/ GRACO Texas/ IRA Green/ Government Hallmark G23 issue

Unissued. Numera RESTRICTED, dvs går ej att få tag på original längre.

The United States Purple Heart

"The prestigious Purple Heart Goes back to the very begining of the United States as we know it today, it was 1st awarded back in August 1782 which was then a purple embroidered cloth with lace on the edge only 3 NCO's are thought to have received this award. The 1st recipient of the award as we know it was in 1918 & was awarded to General MacAthur...This award until the 2nd World War was only for Army personnel. In August of 1942 under President Roosevelt Executive order no..9227 it was made available to all Forces."

Due to U.S. Stolen Valour Act Passed in December of 2006 this medal is becoming quite Rare collectors piece in the United States.