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1st Cavalry Division 7th Cavalry Garry Owen tygmärke färg

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1st Cavalry Division 7th Cavalry Garry Owen tygmärke färg

Ca 7x8cm

This is the United States 7th - 1st Cavalry " Garry Owen" insignia.
Starting its history in 1855 as the 1st Cavalry division when the unit was designated as the 2nd Cavalry Regiment..in 1861 it was redesignated again to the 5th Cavalry taking part at Bull Run , Antietam & Gettysburg to name but a few.In 1921 the 7th became the 1st Cavalry Division taking with it the Famous "Garry Owen" tune in 1981 this became the Official tune for the Division. During the 1930's the unit gradually moved over to a motorised unit.In 1943 the unit shipped out to Australia, training in Queensland.In July the unit moved to New Guinea to stage for the Amiralties campaign,landing at Los Negrs Island,taking pat also in the invasion of Leyte. Continuing in the Pacific & Asiatic campaigns..Seeing combat in Korea,Vietnam. During the post war years..it also saw combat more recently in the Gulf War..where the unit remains to-date.